this is theme engine.

build a shopwired theme locally.

Theme engine

Theme engine is a cross platform application that makes it easy to develop ShopWired themes in your local environment.

Download the tool and after some minor configuration you’ll be ready to start creating ShopWired themes with ease.

Using Theme engine will enable you to:

  • Upload Themes to Multiple Environments
  • Fast Uploads and Downloads
  • Watch for local changes and upload automatically to ShopWired
  • Works on Windows, Linux and macOS

1.1 Installation

Note: Theme Engine requires that Node.js is installed on your machine. It can be installed by going to

Install theme engine using the command shown below:

npm install -g

NPM is a cross platform command, but administrative permissions might be required on all platforms. Under Linux sudo should be used, e.g. sudo npm install -g...

1.2 Obtain You API Keys

To use theme engine you will first need to authorise access. Your API key and API secret are available through your account. Follow this guide to obtaining your API keys.

1.3 Obtain your theme ID

Login to your account to get your theme ID.

Once logged in, navigate to your installed themes. Hover your mouse pointer over the duplicate theme button on your chosen theme. Note the digits after the last forward slash in your browsers task bar; this is your theme ID.

For example:

2.1 Create Config

Using your API credentials and theme ID in place of X, Y, and Z, run the following command:

shopwired-theme config --api-key X --api-secret Y --theme-id Z

2.2 Config File

Create a directory for your theme and navigate to the directory.

Running the config command creates a config.json file in the local directory. The config file can be edited if required.

    "apiKey": "...",
    "apiSecret": "...",
    "themeId": ...,
    "ignored": ["config.json", "package.json", "bower.json", "node_modules"]

3.1 Download

Download all of your theme files to the local directory:

shopwired-theme download

3.2 Upload

Upload theme files to your ShopWired account:

shopwired-theme upload

Specify the name of each file after the command, e.g.

shopwired-theme upload home.twig product.twig

3.3 Watch

The watch command tells Theme Engine to listen for changes to your theme and automatically upload the added or modified files to your ShopWired account:

shopwired-theme watch

3.4 Remove

Use the remove command to remove theme files.

 shopwired-theme remove